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Justice Lee, Jinsung presents impeachment case at Indonesia Symposium
Justice Lee, Jinsung attended the International Symposium to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the Constitutional Court of Indonesia from August 9 to 10, 2017 held in Solo, Indonesia.

Presidents and justices of 17 constitutional courts as well as heads of three international constitutional…
September 12, 2017
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AACC SRD and Seoul Metropolitan Government signed MOU for continued c…
The Constitutional Court of Korea and Seoul Metropolitan Government signed a memorandum of understanding on 28 December 2016, conveying the two organizations' commitments to mutual cooperation in successfully managing the AACC Secretariat for Research and Development (SRD).

As per the mem…
June 13, 2017
Opening of the new AACC Secretariat for Research and Development offi… June 02, 2017
Case on the Impeachment of the President (Park Geun-hye) May 17, 2017
The Court becomes the first to host a secretariat of an international… November 10, 2016