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AACC SRD and Seoul Metropolitan Government signed MOU for continued cooperation
Republic of Korea | June 13, 2017
  The Constitutional Court of Korea and Seoul Metropolitan Government signed a memorandum of understanding on 28 December 2016, conveying the two organizations' commitments to mutual cooperation in successfully managing the AACC Secretariat for Research and Development (SRD).

As per the memorandum, AACC SRD holds international conferences in Seoul on an annual basis, which will promote the city as a center for the promotion of human rights, democracy and the rule of law across Asia. Seoul Metropolitan Government supports AACC SRD by providing office space to the organization at Seoul Global Center.

"Hosting the AACC SRD will help strengthen the profile of the city as the center of human rights and democracy, and it will also foster MICE industry and job creation." said the Director General of Seoul Metropolitan Government, Byung-han Lee.

"By signing the MOU, I expect that the AACC SRD, the first ever international organization hosted by a Korean judicial body, will successfully fulfill its mandate. At the same time, this will help Seoul position itself as a global city." said the Director General of the Constitutional Court of Korea, Ho-joong Shin.